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How to choose a bending machine correctly
The bending machine is used for bending the thin plate, which is a relatively common large machine When choosing, you should choose from the conditions of use, the environment of duty, the level of bending of the demand, the thickness of the sheet
Defect analysis of CNC bending machine
1 Defect of mechanical bending machine: the gap between the sliding block and guide rail is too large, making an abnormal noise This kind of disadvantage is due to the long time of the guide rail, which causes the gap to increase Need to reflect the degr
Use cloud as a numerical control machine for "ecg"
"Nowadays, the CNC machine in central China will make a healthy check-up of the CNC machine every morning, dance in the square, walk on the left, and go to the right " On the afternoon of December 15, the new production line was divided into BBS
Precautions for the use of tungsten steel blades
Characteristics of the tungsten steel material itself determine the importance of the carbide insert safety working blades before installation, please do protective measures, to avoid the blade to fall from unnecessary personal property safety
  • Automatic fits round blade
  • Primary tungsten steel blade
  • Carbide blade
  • Circular knife
  • Synthetic tungsten steel blade
  • Electrical tape cutting blade

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Seiko qualitySeiko quality Visible from the inside out

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    Qingdao xiurda CNC machinery co. LTD

    Address: ma jia village, Kowloon street office, jiaozhou city, Qingdao city, shandong province




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